About Boyd Roofing

Samuel C. Boyd, Inc. specializes in all types of roofing and guttering applications for clients that desire new or repair work in a residential or commercial setting.

Recognizing the need for value-added services such as reliability, communication and honesty is a necessity in the roofing industry. Protecting the client’s most valuable asset, their home, with quality work and the finest customer service is paramount.

Boyd Roofing is fully licensed and insured and much of our work is covered by a workmanship guarantee. Have full confidence in Samuel C. Boyd, Inc. Your roof and gutters are in good hands.


Workmanship Guarantee

New roofing applied by our company is guaranteed against leaks from natural causes for a period of five (5) years; two (2) years on the flashing.
Depending on the type of roofing application you choose, the manufacturer's warranty will apply.
Samuel C. Boyd, Inc. will include all warranty paperwork ready for you to mail to the appropriate manufacturer upon completion of your roofing project.


Licensed & Insured

We are Licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission and licensed in Washington, D.C.
MHIL # 29163
DCHIL # 6795
Our firm carries Workman’s Compensation and Public Liability Insurance.

*For your protection, please be sure to use licensed and insured contractors for work on your property.
Working with companies without liability insurance and workers compensation can be risky and expensive to the customer if the job is not handled correctly. A company operating without liability insurance deems the customer responsible for any damages to their home or other personal property as a result of contractor negligence. Hiring contractors without workers compensation may result in litigation for the homeowner, should a worker become injured while on the job.


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Call Boyd Roofing today at 301.386.5800 or use our contact form if you have questions. We're here to help!


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